Primate in Pink

Pink ValentineEverybody seems to know what a singing telegram is, but few people have ever received one; heck, the one that I sent to my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day today was the first one I’ve even been involved in. It’s dead simple to book if you have a credit card and a sense of mischief, and the performer showed up promptly at her office around 10:30a this morning and serenaded her in full public view of her entire office — and to her great personal embarrassment — with chocolates and a rendition of “Hello Dolly.” Why they chose that song, I have no idea; it completely escaped me that I could specify a song when I was giving the details to the booker so I guess he just chose a favorite. One thing I did specify, though, was the pink gorilla suit. I spotted it on the Web site and I thought to myself, “What says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ better than a singing telegram delivered in a pink gorilla suit?” I’ll tell you what: nothing.

Pink Gorilla


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