Something to Blog About

One of my new rules for getting more things done in the incredibly limited time I have between waking and sleeping is: don’t sit there trying to come up with something to post about on your weblog if you have nothing to post about on your weblog. That’s what I’ve been trying to do for the past ten minutes, when I realized that, shit, I could be answering emails to people who have been very patiently waiting for replies. Or I could be making some of the little tweaks that constantly need to be made to this site. Or I could be watching another episode of Ken Burns’s “Baseball” documentary, which I’m enjoying immensely. Or I could be working on any of the several Web projects I’ve been scheming in my head for months.

Vote: The Machinery of Democracy

As it turns out, however, I do have something to post about on my weblog. Vote: the Machinery of Democracy, which Behavior designed for the Smithsonian Museum of American History, has received another commendation: a Gold Medal for Excellence from the Society of Publication Designers. If you have a look at the winners’s list, you’ll see “Smithsonian Online Exhibition” listed there in the last column — it’s not exactly a star-making listing, but it tickles me all the same. In school and as a young and inexperienced designer, I used to pore over the SPD’s gorgeous annuals, so to be recognized — twice now, as our work for the AIGA’s Gain was recognized last year — is really kind of unreal.