Gate Crashers

On my way to South by Southwest right now, and I’m noticing some things not to do at the airport gate if you don’t want to look like a complete dork: Don’t listen to music on your iPod while conspicuously displaying your white ear buds for all to see. Don’t pull out your shiny Apple PowerBook and start working as if you were putting together a plan for a corporate merger when really all you’re doing is just writing emails to your friends or, worse, writing a weblog post. And, above all else, do not whip out your teeny tiny mobile phone and engage in a conversation with a business associate about something really important sounding — and if you do, don’t ask the other person on the line to, “call me back and leave a message on my voice mail so I remember?” Basically, try not to do anything I do or look like me — just another thirtysomething gadgeteer with an iPod, a laptop and a mobile phone. At least not until you get to Austin, when you’ll probably blend right in.