American AirlinesAck, American Airlines! To get to Austin, they had me on a connecting flight through Houston. But on my way there from New York, the captain let us know that the connection had been canceled for reasons unknown — or never revealed. (On top of that, they tried to charge me US$3 for a “snack box”!) When we landed, passengers heading on to Austin — and there were lots of us SXSW-types — were handed taxi vouchers and instructed to hail cabs to our final destination. So after flying for four hours, I just spent another three on the road, trawling the lonely midnight highways of Texas. As it happened, my cab driver was gregarious and entertaining, and we had a nice little chat until I laid myself down and caught some sleep. I’m just into Austin now, and my first impressions are that, damn, this is a college town. It’s not as bustling as Manhattan, but there are a surprising number of young kids dressed in their best Gap gear, wandering the streets a little drunk and enjoying themselves. Not me, I’m beat.

  1. Oh my god… a taxi voucher. I have never heard of such madness! Weird that they didn’t fly you through Dallas… I think that’s the American hub.

  2. Sounds like you had some good quality time to reflect on your friend’s awesome comedy show that you saw the night before.
    The shirt I’m wearing *right now* is from the Gap and the pants are Old Navy. Tacky, indeed!
    (btw, I’m at work right now, so you’re paying me to write this!)

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