Naming Names

SXSWIn my posts from South by Southwest, I’ve been very self-conscious about dropping names — as in, I’ve tried to avoid it — mostly because I was quite humbled by lots of the people I got to meet and don’t want to seem as if I’m trying to capitalize on the recognition value of their names. All the same, I want to capture some of these names and notes down for the sake of posterity, and also perhaps as an incentive for anyone who didn’t go to this year’s festival; it’s absolutely true that it’s a great place to meet lots of the most interesting people on the Web.

So, in no particular order, I’m just going to rattle off a bunch of these names: Stefan Isaacs, with whom I had a great chat at the airport today. Thomas Van Der Wal, with whom I had a nice little beer late on Monday. Jon Hicks and Mezzoblue’s Dave Shea, who were nice and clever enough to seek me out over email and IM when I was still trying to read people’s name tags. Rex Hammock from Hammock Publishing, the most low-key CEO I’ve ever met. Mike Rundle, Paul Scrivens, Matt Oliphant and D. Keith Robinson, a bunch of guys with whom I spent an incredibly fun three minutes chatting — I wish I’d had a chance to hang out with more before I took off. Andrei Herasimchuk of Design by Fire, with whom I had a nice brief chat sitting on the floor. Shaun Inman and his fiancée, whom I kept running into over and over but never managed to be able to find time to chat with as extensively as I would’ve liked. Jason Santa Maria, a live wire of a nice guy. Lane Becker of Adaptive Path, who was nice enough to send a new client referral our way a few weeks ago and who ran a great panel on the economic climate for new startups on Sunday. Eric Meyer, as humble a patron saint of CSS as any you’ll find. George H. Kelly Jr., who reached out to me over three rows of chairs. Anil Dash, who needs no introduction but of whom it should be said that he is a genuinely approachable guy. Tonja Rabourn, smart as a whip and a participant in a great panel, “Make Haste Slowly.” Jason Fried of 37signals, the world-famous Jason Kottke, and Curt Croninger of Lab 404, with all of whom I had a fun lunch at a reasonably authentic Vietnamese restaurant on Monday.

Most of these folks I only got to speak to very briefly. And I’ve forgotten a few people, I’m sure, so my apologies — I’m pretty organized but not organized enough to have gotten everybody’s info down. Whether I got your name here or not, I hope to see you next year.