Design in Flight Four Takes Flight

Design in FlightThe newest issue of Design in Flight is out now, today in fact. This issue looks and feels more like a serious, world-class design publication than ever; editor Andy Arikawa, who apparently has the strength and fortitude of a hundred designers, does an amazing job bringing it all together and I highly recommend you go get yourself a copy (a bargain at US$3.00) and see for yourself. Between its covers, you’ll find some really good articles from Veerle Pieters, Mark Boulton, Molly Holzschlag and many more. As an added bonus, you’ll get my own contribution, “Acing the Interview,” which is a very modest little attempt at helping designers perform better in interviews. It’s rather more low-level an article than I tend to like, but I think it contains some really useful straight dope. If you have an interview coming up, you could do worse than to spend your three dollars here.