Catch a Tiger by the Tail

TigerJust prepare yourself for a veritable ‘perfect storm’ of bad puns on the word “tiger” when the latest version of Mac OS X ships tomorrow. Journalists have been saving them up for their headlines for months now and can’t wait to unleash them, just like users have been building up anticipation for months and can’t wait to install it. I know, because as the hour of its official release approaches, I get more and more worked up.

A co-worker at my office pre-ordered a copy a while ago (I did too, but from Amazon). When she checked on the shipment earlier in the week, they led her to believe it would arrive today, a day early. In excited anticipation, we made plans to install it this very afternoon… but the FedEx guy never showed up. Now I’m more anxious to get my hands on it than ever. Unfortunately, when the software is finally released for real tomorrow, I’ll be preoccupied with some personal obligations, and similarly through the rest of the weekend. It may not be until next week that I get it installed. That is, provided that a legal injunction doesn’t prevent Apple from shipping the software. Grrrrr… (Get it? Grrrrr?)

  1. The local Mac store is having a special Tiger Power Hour from 6pm on, in which those who buy Tiger get free gifts. It’s like a new holiday or something.

    (Yes, I’ve had my pre-order in since before the ship date was announced. Yes, I’ll be there tomorrow.)

  2. received my copy yesterday – spotlight, safari 2 are great but i don’t share the dashboard hype. so far no real productivity enhancers (except translator) exist but we’ll see…
    btw: have you tried the rss screensaver?

  3. We stopped into the local CompUSA tonight after dinner and there was a person in a tiger costume. A tiger costume!

    I don’t know which was lamer, the poor dude stuck with the mascot gig or me in a CompUSA on a Friday night.

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