Paragraph in The New York Times

ParagraphRun out and get a copy of today’s New York Times and turn directly to the Sunday Styles page for a big feature article all about Paragraph, the writers’ space recently opened by my girlfriend. It’s a huge, early win for her and her partner: an in-depth piece that talks about writers’ spaces in general, but that prominently features Paragraph and quotes from both Joy and Lila. I’m kind of beaming, if you can’t tell.

Right: Site specific. Paragraph’s fifteen minutes of online stardom, as seen at
Paragraph in New York Times
  1. Awesome! Its a great idea, and I hope Joy and Lila continue on thier path towards success! I can only wonder if a simliar concept could be applied to others. I would love to goto an “office” of sorts where I can focus and do some coding. Lets call it “Markup”.

  2. Wow, that’s fantastic, Khoi! I guess targeting writers has a good probability of getting the word out to the NYT folks. 😉


  3. Khoi! That’s awesome news!!! I just yelled across the house and woke up the little one!

    We couldn’t be happier for Joy and you guys, and I am beaming for you.

  4. Shaun –

    When Khoi had first wrote of Paragraph I thought about a similar service in Philly for programmers. It’s hard for me to focus on coding when I’m at home. I have the tv and the dog to distract me!

  5. How can I get in touch with Paragraph? I’m interested in getting some space to write. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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