Post-Trip Wrap-Up

Viet NamJust a word to say that I’m back from my trip to Viet Nam. Technically, I’ve been back since about 11:30p on Sunday evening, when my plane touched down at the end of 22-plus hours of transit. But I’ve been dealing with the inevitable jet lag, as well, which accounts for why I’m writing this post at 6:30a (and I’ve been awake for two hours already!); in case I hadn’t mentioned it before, Viet Nam is exactly twelve hours ahead of New York, so you can imagine my body clock is completely off. Somewhere between the haze of insomnia, walking catatonia and catching up with work, I also managed to corral all my trip photos together into a Flickr photoset, and this morning I went through them all and added titles and captions, so if you’ve browsed through them already, it might be worth another look for more back story. More posts as soon as I’m all caught up on sleep…

  1. I trust you enjoyed your trip. Its (again) good to see you’re getting some use out of your nice camera. I especially like Lanterns, More Lanterns, Bus to Dalat, and Hare v. Wheels.

    Good luck catching up on your sleep. I went to Thailand once, and getting back on the correct schedule once back was… not fun.

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