Get Your Swede On

CAP & DesignRush out to your local newsstands and get a copy of CAP & Design magazine — that is, if your local newsstand is in Sweden, as it’s a Swedish language design publication. The latest issue features a rather shockingly large feature article on me, along with a rather shockingly large photograph of me sitting in an East Village café, with a silly grin on my face. The article is about my design career, my thoughts on design, and of course my early experiences as Design Director at If you can read the language, I’m sure you’ll find the article, written by Swedish journalist Pierre Andersson, to be very illuminating. English-only readers will have to wait for my forthcoming, full-length profile in The New Yorker. Be prepared to wait a while.

Spread Out

Below: Me, me, me. The cover of the latest issue of CAP & Design, and the six pages of the feature article on me.

Since it was just published, I haven’t even gotten my hands on a copy of the actual magazine yet, and I’m assuming that, at some point, the article will be available online at In the meantime, here are some shots of the layout sent to me by Pierre — he was nice enough to send them, and since it’s the biggest feature article written on me yet, I’m going to forgo any feigned modesty and just show ’em here.

CAP & Design Cover
CAP & Design Story First Spread
CAP & Design Story Second Spread
CAP & Design Story Third Spread
  1. Way to go Khoi. I can remember when I met you in art class in junior-high thinking “This guy stinks. Hope he’s not planning a career in this field.”

    Seems you’ve proved me wrong, super-star.

  2. Thanks, everyone, it’s greatly appreciated. I’ll let you know if a translation becomes available.

    Jscott: I gotta thank you for all the moral support over the years. Invaluable.

  3. Congrats. Keep in mind, you could be on Capn Design anytime you like. I’ll even give you the cover.

    sidenote: I now know why I get so many searches for Cap Design in my referrer logs.

  4. Khoi – that’s excellent. Looks like a great quality spread. Hopefully it shows up online. I’d love to read it. Maybe even in Babelfish-translated Swedish for that full on poetic effect.

  5. Gratz Khoi!

    You know, maybe I’m a little biased, but that pic of you makes you look like an asian Brandon Routh….

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