Illustrate Me for May

Max RiffnerIt took me a little while to get this together, but I’ve just uploaded the May 2006 entry in my ongoing “Illustrate Me” project, which I debuted last month. As a refresher: at the end of each month I’m inviting one illustrator to create artwork to illustrate at least three of the posts I wrote in that month. The only stipulations are that the piece must be black and white, and it must feature the title and dates of the posts it’s representing.

Panel by panel. Below: The first three panels from Max Riffner’s entry for my May 2006 archives.

There’s a height and width limitation, too, of course. But for May’s entry, created by the superbly talented Max Riffner, a taller display area seemed to be called for. Max decided to create an illustration that pays homage to “Twenty-two Comic Panels that Always Work,” a seminal piece of comic art created by the legendary Wally Wood. At first, Max had squeezed in the seventeen panels that you see in the final drawing into the 250 pixel tall standard height that the previous entries had used, but that amount of space seemed to be a disservice to the artwork, so we expanded it to a much taller 520 pixels. I think it looks fantastic.

May 2006 Illustrate Me

In case you hadn’t already, I also encourage you to go back to the six months’ worth of Illustrate Me entries that were posted in May. Just keep hitting the ‘Previous’ button in the top navigation from any monthly archive page, or you can jump to them from this list:

Also, to any illustrators out there: I’m always looking for volunteers for future months, so drop me a line!

  1. Thanks for the nice words, Jason! And thanks again for the opportunity, Khoi! It isn’t often that I get a chance to pay homage to one of my comic book heroes for one of my favorite websites. Plus, I got to draw monsters! 🙂

  2. I usually avoid archives in favor of the previous button or a search bar, but this actually makes archives worthwhile. It’s a great concept and your illustrators are great!

  3. I’m definitely an illustrator first and a designer second, and the grid you’ve used for the site is an inspiration.

    You can check out some black and white, brush and ink illustration on the URL I chose for this post. If you like it, drop me a line. It’d be great fun to do something for your site.

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