Coming Soon to a Torso Near You

This just in: real, honest-to-goodness, printed tee shirts featuring the “Hel-Fucking-Vetica” design that I produced for El Boton some months ago. The feedback I got back from that button was sufficiently positive that I decided to take a chance and run a limited number of these shirts to sell here at

They’re printed on high-quality, light blue American Apparel tees in super-sexy cyan and magenta, echoing the original button design without veering too far off into its divisive, hot pink color scheme. The good news is that they’ve literally just left the shirt printer’s yesterday afternoon, but the bad news is that I have about ten days of vacation starting tomorrow, so I won’t be able to start selling them until I get all my ducks in a row, probably sometime in August or early September. Stay tuned, and keep that credit card handy.

Right: Tees on tap. Just printed “Hel-Fucking-Vetica” tees.
Tee Shirts
Tee Shirts
  1. I really like the new color scheme. The smaller text is a bit distracting. It might have been nice to put that on the back, but probably more expensive.

    I’m still not sure if the design is in support of or against the use of Helvetica.

  2. I own a couple of shirts with the ol’ F-bomb on them, and people of all shapes, sizes, demographics, and potty mouths all usually have the same general reaction of amazement that I would wear such a thing in public. So I’ll be very curious to see how these sell. And I guess I’ll have to own one. 😀

  3. Je ne comprends pas, Khoi. I can’t write “asinine” in a comment to a previous post (the word has nothing to do with “ass”), yet you can sell a T-shirt emblazoned HELfuckingVETICA?

  4. Joe: I usually remove posts if I deem them to be excessively rude. Commenters can use whatever language they like, including “asinine” and “fucking,” so long as they’re not insulting in their tone. Sounds a little tricky, but it’s pretty simple. Anyway, if you want to clarify this further, I’d be happy to do so via email, away from this thread. Thanks.

  5. Again hope you ship international, I’m a design student at University in New Zealand – it should go down smooth!

  6. I hadn’t thought through overseas fulfillment yet, but I’ll figure something out, especially if there’s lots of demand. Thanks for your enthusiasm, though. I’ll get the sell page for these things up as soon as I can!

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