Supersize Me

24-in. iMacFinally. Finally! Last December I walked into Tekserve, my local Apple retailer and my favorite place to buy anything Macintosh related, with a credit card in hand, ready to buy myself a brand new iMac G5. At the very last moment, I demurred a bit, frozen, for some reason unable to commit to buying the machine. Ultimately, I left empty-handed. Something in me was shouting out loudly, “This is not the time to buy a new computer.”

Ever since, I’ve been waiting for Apple to release just the right machine. The Intel-based iMacs they shipped earlier in the year seemed intriguing, but for whatever reason I still felt disinclined to commit. Now, today, they’ve upgraded the entire iMac line and even added a new model: a super-sized, 24-in. iMac with a healthy Intel Core 2 Duo processor at its heart. I came across the news this morning, when I sat down at my desk after a very early meeting that lasted several hours, and I knew — somewhat instantly — that this was the one I had been hoping Apple would release. I placed my order just after lunchtime. Now, the trick is to wait for it to arrive.

  1. I’m with you Khoi! This is the machine I’ve been waiting for. I had saved up for a bit now and was waiting for the perfect Mac… I think they’ve outdone themselves this time. It’s all around a beautiful machine. I ordered mine just after work today. I’m just a little impatient and want it here now! =)

  2. For me the 24″ iMac satisfies a niche in the ‘pro-sumer’ market.

    I’ve needed at least a 23″ screen for a little while now but not the power of the Mac Pro. Hence my options have been to (a) get the 20″ iMac and be discontent with the limited screen size, or (b) get the 23″ monitor and pair it with either a underpowered Mac Mini or overpriced and far too capable Mac Pro.

    Suffice it to say today’s announcement has just made, and hastened, my purchasing decision.

  3. I heard the news at 8:30 am and by 9 am I had ordered a 24″ iMac with 2GB ram, 500 GB HD and a 256 MB video card! I had been waiting for the same reasons, thank goodness I waited!

    Now like you said the trick is going to be trying to contain myself until it gets here!

  4. One word, jealous… Finally Apple is coming out with affordable machines. I had to switch to PC’s because of price. But now I just have to wait for my PC to be outdated…

  5. Ummm, Steve (post #2) … “be discontent with the limited screen size” and “20 inch monitor” do not and can never fall into the same sentence


    Dave “15.4 inches and proud” Romanis

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