Election Night

Elections Coverage at NYTimes.comAfter all the build-up, everything comes to a head tonight. I mean, yeah, it’s Election Day and all, but I’m talking about our election coverage package over at NYTimes.com, where’ve spent weeks putting together a solid offering of results data. I just had a quick look around at the competition, and I gotta say, I think our designers really pulled it off; it’s the best looking presentation for elections results on the Web tonight.

To see it for yourself, start with the Elections 2006 section front, where we’ve got up-to-the-minute posts from our politics blog, The Caucus. From there, you can drill down into the Senate results map, the Governors results map or the somewhat less conventional House results map.

These are all in Flash, but they’re seamlessly co-mingled with our HTML. My favorite pages, though, are the all-HTML state pages, like California’s. This is what I mean when I say it’s the best looking data out there tonight. They’re clean, simple and easily digestible, without a lot of the clutter I’m seeing at other sites.

Please forgive me, I’m just beaming a bit. This is the culmination of lots of intensive work by the design group, the editorial group and the technology group, and it’s just really cool to see it live. As a great man once said, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Right: State of the nation. Pages from our Elections coverage at NYTimes.com.
Elections 2006 at NYTimes.com
Senate Results at NYTimes.com
State Results at NYTimes.com
  1. Very impressive. I’ve been looking at cnn, msnbc, abc, etc. all day and overall I’ve been pretty underwhelmend with how they’re presenting the data (though I do like msnbc’s little dashboard-type thing on the homepage), but this is by far the most informative, easy-to-understand page I’ve seen. I’m also impressed by the sheer amount of informaiton you’re presenting. Very nice.

  2. Congratulations. I viewed other sites such as Yahoo! News’ splashy sports-influenced campaign trail map. I always have a secret hope that Yahoo! will eventually do something right — even if it were something small like this — but definitely not tonight. I like the Caucus blog as well. It really puts CNN’s “blogging party” concept to shame.

    As a weekday reader of The Times, I’m impressed. Keep up the good work.

  3. Amazing! I love those maps and the state pages. Really nice!

    I was in class earlier this evening and was using a combination of newsvine and cnn to watch the races. I learned two things:

    1. The AP isn’t a very good source for election coverage.
    2. CNN has terrible info graphics? I mean, seriously, did you see that “Balance of Power” graphic on the front page? I couldn’t figure it out.

  4. Very nice! Did Jonathan Corum work on this? I’m reminded of some of the great stuff he did in 2004 for style.org.

  5. These are kinda neat – at LeMonde.

    The semi-circles nicely relay left/right aspects, and [intentionally?] remind me of the seating in Congress. They also give a feeling of balance and ‘tipping’ to the right or left due to the verticality…

    Other than that not so wonderful (it’s all graphics, no html text, and overall layout and such is not so great).

  6. When I was browsing election information yesterday afternoon/last night, I was drawn to keep coming back to the New York Times, beautiful work – I have to say I kept coming back because it was so easy to look at and quickly digest what was going on.

  7. Thanks a million, everybody, for the kind comments. More than anything, this was a real collaboration between different groups, and it’s really gratifying that folks have received it so positively.

  8. One other note — I’m colorblind, and the NYT site’s maps were the only ones that I found to be easily comprehensible. (It didn’t hurt that you only needed to use 4 of the 5 possible colors!)

  9. Dave: I’m happy to read that you were able to make out the colors well, because in retrospect, I think it’s something that we could have done a better job with. Next time it’ll be even clearer.

  10. After checking many sites election coverage throughout the day I must say nyt.com was the most intuitive, easy to use and comprehend – plus the maps were so damn fun to use. You guys pulled it together nicely.

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