I’m into Their Early Stuff

Giampietro+SmithI’m flying out to California to see my sister today, but if I weren’t, I’d definitely be going to the Apple Store in SoHo at 6:30p, where Rob Giampietro and Kevin Smith of the design studio Giampietro+Smith will be speaking and taking a few questions.

This is the first installment of Design Remixed, a series of talks developed by AIGA New York in collaboration with Apple (a parallel series exists in San Francisco, produced by that chapter), and there will be an introduction by the inimitable Liz Danzico. Plus, admission is absolutely free with the purchase of any 8-core MacPro! Just kidding, it’s free for everyone, even if you’re not a Mac fan whatsoever.

Rob and Kevin will show a small selection of their many, many beautifully designed projects, going in depth on the motivations, challenges and inspirations that brought about the end results. It’s going to be terrific. This is a young studio with a big future; they’re doing some of the most intelligent work in the field today and they’re barely getting started. If you want to see what the early part of a long career looks like, this is your chance. As you can probably tell, I’m extremely disappointed in my own inability to plan my trips sensibly enough so that I could be there tonight, but alas, I didn’t. Don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made in life, is all I can say.