Least Useful Site Ever

MisterPresident.orgHere and there for the past few months, I’ve been finding spare time to work up a new design for my dog’s Web site at MisterPresident.org. Now it’s done. The fact that I have this site at all is worrisome enough, I’m sure, but the newly added Twitter feed “written” by an anthropomorphized Mister President is sure to be the straw that broke the back on the camel of my dignity… or something. What can I say? Dog peoples is crazy.

  1. lol 🙂 It serves a purpose though. Everyone needs a site like that, somewhere where you can experiment without consequence.

  2. Odd that mr. president, supposedly being colorblind has a dash of color on his site while Khoi, being a designer, is in monochrome.

    I’m calling his bluff – mr. president writes subtraction while Khoi hangs around in the park.

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