AIGA New York Stuff I’m Involved With

AIGAWe hit a little bit of bad luck over at AIGA New York during the weekend, when tomorrow’s Small Talks speaker, the one and only Jason Fried came down sick and had to cancel. So for those of you who have tickets to this sold out event, please don’t show up tomorrow (an official email went out to all chapter members and ticket holders this afternoon) as Jason’s appearance has been postponed. We don’t yet have a make-up date, but we’re hoping to schedule it for sometime in the next few weeks — hopefully pretty soon, actually.

Meanwhile, here are some more AIGA New York goodies to tide you over.

AIGA New York at Apple Store SoHo

First, we’re continuing our Design Remixed series at the Apple Store in SoHo on Wednesday night, when we’ll host Paul Matthaeus of Digital Kitchen. Like its predecessor, the wildly successful appearance by Rob Giampietro of Giampietro + Smith, this event is free, and will likely be a blast. I haven’t scheduled any inopportune trips this time, so I’ll be there, and so will you if you’re awesome. More information here.

Fresh Dialogue 23

Finally, the big news. Fresh Dialogue 23, the latest installment in the chapter’s long-running and well-respected showcase for new talent, will take place in just two weeks.

This year’s theme, in which we’ll be looking at the evolving relationship between designers and audiences, is a collaboration between myself and fellow board member Emma Presler. It’s also another of my attempts to reflect the changing nature of design in the digital age in the chapter’s event programming. As new technologies re-frame the traditional narrative posture that has dominated most of design history, we’ve selected three talents who are participating in conversations with design consumers in unprecedented ways: designer and illustrator Stefan Bucher, Eric Rodenback of Stamen Design and game designer Katie Salen will be our guests. Maybe best of all, the event will be moderated by the inimitable Ze Frank. A good time will be had by all, especially at the crazy reasonable ticket price of US$25. This is going to be a big deal. I’ll see you there.


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