Seen in Seattle

An Event ApartI’m leaving for Seattle, Washington this afternoon for an appearance at the latest An Event Apart conference tomorrow. The two-day design and technology event actually starts today, and I’m sorry to have to miss the opening, but duty calls here at the office. If you’re attending, please introduce yourself and say hello to me tomorrow, I should be around all day. I’m always happy to meet readers.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stay in Seattle very long, as I’m heading back to New York on Saturday morning. I’d stay a little longer, but I’m a bit tired of traveling already for the year (though I’ve taken only a half-dozen trips or so) All those airport security measures really get to me, as does all that interminable waiting around — what I call ground time. Summer is short, and I really want to enjoy as many weekends as I can back in my new neighborhood. To be honest, the older I get, the more I appreciate just hanging out at home with Mister President.