Transform Hard with a Vengeance

Optimus PrimeThe forthcoming movie adaptation of the toy franchise “Transformers” has somehow climbed to the very tippy-top of my summer movie-going list over recent weeks. I don’t know how it got there, because like many people, the esteem in which I hold the previous work of director Michael Bay can be best described as ‘minimal.” Still, it looks like the most promisingly satisfying of a sorry summer lot, even if the core of its offering is only a momentarily satiation. I’m really excited to see it. Oh, and I’ll go see the apparently not-badly-reviewed “Live Free or Die Hard,” too.

I just wanted to come out and say that. No more secrets, people.

  1. It’s the advertising. When I first heard that Transformers the movie was coming I thought the toy concept was long past. But my interest has been rising watching the ads on tv, and my 14 year old son said the other night that he wanted to see it, he can too late to connect to the toys of the 1980s. And I agree that Michael Bay is an obstacle to overcome, but his work looks good enough in the ads to do it.

    Bruce Willy, presently no way. I’ll wait till it’s on perpetual re-runs on H-Bo.

  2. Transformers also has a pretty solid neu-rock soundtrack, with Smashing Pumkins, Linkin Park, and Julien-K, a new band we just did a crazy big website for. Also was filmed (for weeks) in the blocks surrounding my downtown LA office, so I think I’m gonna have to go just to see Broadway ripped up by futuristic marines and big-bad robobugs.

  3. I am not ashamed. I want to see both movies and have no problem with the fact that Bay doesn’t make any critically acclaimed movies. I watch them because they are pure fluff and fun.
    I wasn’t so sure about the transformers movie at first either, but ever since seeing some previews for it, I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be worth the price of admission for the special effects even if it turns out that there’s no story 😉

  4. I’m really excited for Transformers, but I was also the kid growing up where that as my favorite cartoon and favorite toy, I even own the original cartoon movie, and I have owned it since it’s release.

    “Live Free or Die Hard” also looks pretty good as well.

  5. Hell yes. Though, I’m probably going to not like it as much as the Judd Nelson/Leonard Nimoy animated Transformers film, complete with deleted swear scenes, I’m pretty psyched.

    And Die Hard? Without a doubt.

  6. I’m claiming that it’s not the advertising that is driving me to see either of these movies but the pure adrenaline rush I’ll get watching them 🙂

    That music video Terry posted is wicked btw.

  7. Seriously, did you think confessing this to a bunch of creatives and coders who grew up in the ’80s was going to shock anyone? We may be designers, but we are more than meets the eye.

    BTW – My wife will only go to see this with me if I promise to go to the Cabbage Patch Dolls movie, should one ever come out.

  8. So did you see Transformers!?!?! it was sick! admitedly there were some over the top parts, like then the little robot yells Sh-t as he gets shot, (transformers don’t swear!), but overall really awesome. I think Michael Bay has fully redeemed himself from the long ago days of Pearl Harbor.

    PS. I found your site from The Art and Science of CSS. Just thought you should konw 🙂

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