Holiday at Home

This week I extended my Fourth of July holiday by taking today, Thursday and tomorrow, Friday, off from work. The idea is that I’ll stay home and do nothing. It’s the vacation that most people, myself included, never allow themselves: luxuriating in an uninterrupted stretch of free time, without the hassle of travel, packing, site seeing and social commitments, and in the comfort of their own home.

I’ve been kind of burnt out for a few months, so I’ve been looking forward to this with great anticipation. So far I’m just hanging out, doing whatever I want to do, whether it’s watching television, or catching up on my reading, or hanging out with Mister President or fooling around on the Internet. It’s terrific; I’m letting myself off the hook for stuff I don’t feel like doing, and crossing off long-procrastinated items off of my list of things I’ve been wanting to do. I recommend it.

Unfortunately, the agenda for this miniature sabbatical does not include a heck of a lot of blogging. It just takes too much time to write these posts, and for this five-day weekend, anyway, I’d rather be doing other things. I’m not saying I’m not going to be blogging at all (or posting links to Elsewhere). I’m just saying the posts may be short. Like, this short.

  1. My ideal holiday is just to do a normal day, but without having to do it.

    You know, turn up at work and not have to doing anything. Get on the Tube, but not be in a hurry.

    Kinda like being an invisible version of myself.

  2. Since I learned that americans have only one week of paid vacation per year some time ago I’ve been wondering how someone manages to survive. In Europe it is completely normal to taka two / three days or even a week off just to go to the seaside or the mountain. Most of my american friends plan their vacations months ahead just to make sure that hey’ll have time for everything. This is really astonishing.

  3. That’s the way vacations are meant to be. A combination of relaxing and activities would probably be a good balance.

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