Four Pictures

I’ve had family visiting all week, and I’ve been doing my duty as tour guide. We’ve seen the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, Yankee Stadium, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and went around Manhattan on the Circle Line Cruise, among other things.

Throughout, I’ve had my camera with me, mostly for the sake of documenting my totally awesome nephew. Setting aside those several dozen pictures, I just sorted through a week’s worth of photography and came up with exactly four mildly interesting shots to share here.

Here’s the former Sunrise Cleaners on Smith Street in Brooklyn, getting gutted last Sunday afternoon.

Sunrise Cleaners

The stairwell at Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue Apple Store, shot from below on a very overcast afternoon.

Apple Store

A bucket of live frogs for sale on Mott Street in Chinatown. Naturally, this caught and commanded my nephew’s attention for a considerable amount of time.

Chinatown Frogs

And finally, a shot of my nephew at sea on a sightseeing cruise around Manhattan, courtesy of the Circle Line. An uncle can’t resist.

  1. Nice, the bucket of muddy frogs scares me, not because I’m afraid of frogs, I’m just afraid of the person that is going to purchase the bucket of frogs for anything besides making them all pets or setting them free again…

    Anyways, it has always been my goal that at least once in my life time I want to make it to New York to at least visit.

  2. Having just watched an episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern last night, I have an understanding of the bucket o’ frogs. Shane, you should be very, very afraid.

    Nice shots, Khoi. I especially enjoy the Apple Store one. Very moody. The Sunrise Cleaners shot is perfectly composed as well. I was going to set the Apple Store one as my new desktop picture, but the enlargements are private. Any chance of moving these to your public album?

  3. I totally freaked at the frog picture. I thought they were being cooked!
    Then I read that they were live and felt better.
    Love the shot of your nephew.

  4. Nice shots, I also thought the frogs were going to be cooked.

    Khoi Vinh: Not sure if you noticed but I think your reply was meant for Sean Flanagan, not Shane Guymon. Or are these two guys the same person. Maybe I need glasses.

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