Open Design Positions at

Just a note: there are two openings in my design group at Before I get to describing them, I want to please ask those of you who are interested to apply through the links I’ve provided below; please don’t email me directly. It will be faster to route your résumé through our human resources department via the links. Trust me.

The first open job is a permanent, full-time position for which I’ve been working on getting approval for a long time: online news designer. This is a role intended to create design solutions for the news — for our home page most often, but also on the site’s various section fronts and other articles. If you’re the kind of person who has what it takes to design something like our recent “Choking on Growth” feature from start to finish, from visual design to code, then you should apply for this job.

The second open job is for a full-time design technologist. That’s our title for what others call ‘developers’ or ‘builders,’ people with that special mix of design sensibility and technological skill who live for harnessing the power of XHTML, CSS and other client-side technologies in service to superior user experiences. Just a warning: you’ll be replacing an extremely gifted design technologist on our team who’s moving on to a new opportunity within the company, so expectations will be high. That’s not to discourage anyone from applying; I just want to emphasize that we’re looking for top shelf people.

In fact, if I might offer a supplemental note, we’re pretty much only looking for top shelf people — and for people who are fun to work with. Modesty aside, this is a great design environment largely because the shared talent and camaraderie are so conducive to good practice. Not only would I stake our talent against just about any interaction design team anywhere (whether an independent shop or another in-house group), but I’d say we have a better time doing the work than just about anyone else, too. There, that’s my pitch!