Doodles from the Edge

Because I’m a little exhausted — okay, I’m a bit burnt out — I’m posting a kind of a throwaway piece today, something to tide over hungry readers until I can put myself back together sufficiently to hammer out a full fledged post.

Herewith, a collection of doodles from the margins of my notebook, accumulated over the past eight or nine months. For all things Times-related, I use one notebook per year — a Moleskine Cahier Notebook — and so everything goes into its pages, including the random drawing I’ll do when a meeting is, ahem, less than fully engaging.

Sketches from the Source

Once in a while, I’ll do some drawing from life — as in office life — which usually means sketches of people sitting at desks or in chairs or in front of computers… boring stuff. But most of the time in these situations, I’m drawing from my head, amusing myself with the baubles of my subconscious… which is why you’ll see a healthy representation of super-heroes, baseball players and cowboys. My figurative imagination is still very much stuck in adolescence, apparently.

Sketches 1
Sketches 2
Sketches 3
  1. It’s funny how you’re able to do each of these in an office, while you’re working, while I would have to literally take a lot of time out of my day just to do one (does that say enough about my drawing abilities?).

    Specifically I like the sketch of the guy eating a doughnut and drinking coffee, and the profile of the man looking down.

  2. Very beautiful. But as I’m the kind of person that will draw on anything, and go through different notebook styles at different times over a year — I’m far more interested to know what pens you use.

  3. These are great. I would love to even see more posts like this. I have to say that this is something that I wish I did more often. My ability to do quick, fun sketches has rapidly gone downhill since middle school. Perhaps it is just making the effort to have a book and pen always at ready. Either way you have sparked an old interest. Thank you.

    Superheros, and cowboys seem to fit in well today.

  4. Joey: I’m a longtime devotee of Sanford Uni-ball Roller pens in the 0.5mm Micro size. I’ve been using them for over a decade and have one with me almost every waking minute. I also use the blue ink version exclusively.

    Dominik: I try to keep everything I write down inside the one notebook, so it’s always in one place. It helps to have small handwriting, which I do.

  5. I know pen devotees are often stubborn in their selections (I have yet to find one I truly adore, or that would be my case as well), but have you tried the Uniball 207? It’s a gel pen, but I find the mechanics very similar to their rollerballs. The orange ink is surprisingly nice too. It’s a nice alternative to the Pilot G2. They actually sent me a sample pack in the mail to my office. They must know I’m still looking for my Holy Grail pen…

    PS You show amazing control with these sketches! They must be, what, an inch tall at the most at actual size?

  6. I tend to draw through every meeting I’m in–maybe that means every meeting I’ve been to thus far has been ‘less than engaging’ (!)–but I find that it helps focus the part of my brain that needs to think about business stuff while the creative side goes on a visual rampage. It’s a bit like when a mother is grocery shopping or balancing a checkbook while keeping an eye on the kid running around in his Superman outfit screaming; both parties are doing what they want, and more stuff gets done because of it.

  7. You can really draw… I recently stopped packing a Moleskine and bought a wacom… which means that I capture more and DRAW more…

    And I still carry a notebook as well…

  8. Yeah! Captain Marvel! C.C. Beck’s art is great.

    I always loved the whole marvel family thing, and I still think there are some great SHAZAM stories to be written.

    Sorry to nerd out here.

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