The More the Merrier at

Wait, I have more job openings to add to the two I mentioned previously. One of the talented visual designers at has decided to leave our design group for a terrific position elsewhere. I’m very sad, but her new job represents an exciting new stage for her career so I can’t stand in the way. I’m also proud of the fact that she’s the first among the many talented folks I’ve hired over the past eighteen months to leave the company, and her decision was borne not out of dissatisfaction but rather opportunity. Or that’s what she told me, anyway.

In any event, we’re now looking for a visual designer, too. If you᾿re devotee of beautiful design in all media but have a particular affinity for clean, highly usable interface design for text-heavy content online, you’ll want to apply right away.

As usual, we’re looking for a full-time employee to fill that spot. But in an unusual (for us) turn of events, I also have the budget for a freelance designer to help us out with some special projects for four- to six-months. We’re looking for the same skills in this freelancer as in the designer position above, but if you value the pleasures of independent contracting and the thrill of paying for the escalating monthly costs of your own health insurance, this might just be the gig to get you through the winter. Do up your résumé and submit it via our wonderful enterprise job board.