From My Left Feet to the Left Bank

I’m a little burnt out on blogging, so forgive me folks for having been somewhat absent here over the past few weeks. Fear not; I fully intend to regain my mojo before too long. In the meantime, though, I’m trying to get through December’s litany of social distractions: the holiday season, for one, and just a little bit more travel before the calendar’s done, too.

If you’re also coping with the former, and if you’re in New York City, what better way to ease yourself through the December craziness than by spending it with a passel of your peers at AIGA New York’s Annual Holiday Party? Last year’s was a bit of a mob scene, but this year we’re upping the ante: dancing, a bigger, more spectacular venue, dancing, an auction of design goodies, dancing, and M.C. services provided live and in person by the inimitable John Hodgman — for real! The party is this coming Sunday night and tickets are a measly US$20.

The day after the party, I’m heading out to Paris again to visit my father for about a week. My goal is to visit him there twice a year, for at least as long as I can cobble together enough incredible shrinking dollars to pay for meals in Euros. Oof. I’m bringing a brand new, work-issued MacBook with me, so in theory I’ll be blogging a bit. It all depends on whether I find some cool stuff to do or not. If you know of anything, drop me a line. Otherwise, happy holidays!

  1. Actually, it was 3 times. And intentional, if you read it with voice.

    Khoi love your site, love your work. Thanks for an always enjoyable stop on the web. Enjoy your time in Paris with your dad — it sounds like it will be wonderful. Hope someone will be taking good care of Mr. President (just read the flowchart post — and the beg loop is the best!).

  2. hey khoi… wife & i are going… i hear culinary institute is catering… but what? cheese? full on meals? trying to plan whether we’ll be dancing, eating and dancing… or not.

    your pal, f

  3. Hey Khoi

    The AIGA Party does seem like a great way to spend next Sunday. Unfortunatly I’ll still be in my hometown Deinze (Belgium) – not to far from Paris actually. A mere 3hour drive. If you feel like coming over, don’t hesitate man 🙂
    ps: jalous of your MacBook!

  4. Best mexican joint in Paris: Arriba Mexico on the avenue de la Republique, 11e arrondissment. Get the chimichanga.

    Other than that, if you like flea markets, the flea market de la Porte de Vanves is my favorite.

    Have a good time!

  5. If you’re looking for some reading material (or just an interesting ex-pat hangout), check out Shakespeare and Co – it’s within earshot of Notre Dame on the Left Bank. And if you’re looking for cheap lodging (don’t know what the situation at Dad’s is), they have beds scattered throughout the store that are virtually free. I say virtually because I think you have to read a book a day (could be a week) and write something about it.

    In any case, it’s worth a visit. Bon voyage!

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