More Reasons to Party

Looking back at my post from Tuesday, I realized that I might not have done proper justice to how great the AIGA Holiday Party will be this Sunday. Even leaving aside the keenly hilarious John Hodgman (my board colleague Sam Potts calls him ‘an anthropomorphized operating system’), there’s no shortage of compelling reasons to attend…

  • The event will be catered by students from The French Culinary Institue, so it will be at least several cuts above the usual spread of cheese and crackers we pawn off at the chapter’s less glamorous events. Not that those aren’t delicious, too.
  • We’re continuing our tradition of running special, custom-designed rolls of gift wrap, this year designed by such design luminaries as Dino Alberto, Natasha Jen and Mgmt. Design, among others. In the past we’ve sold these rolls, and while you can buy extra rolls this year too, every attendee gets a full set of five for free, just for walking through the door with a ticket.
  • A slew of incredibly impressive auction items will be available for bidding, including a chance to win a set of eight original posters designed by the great Herb Lubalin, a pixel-portrait of yourself by none other than Christoph Niemann, or your answering machine message recorded by none other than Michael Bierut.
  • Where last year’s party was generously hosted by Pentagram at their New York headquarters, this year we’ve rented out the elegant Prince George Ballroom, just north of Madison Square Park (15 East 27th Street, between Fifth and Madison Avenues). Several times as big, several times as swank.

The festivities get started at 6:00p this Sunday. Ticket prices, whether you’re an AIGA member or not, will be five dollars higher when bought at the door, so be sure to register now. See you there, and happy holidays!