Command Shift Me

Command-Shift-3If I had a lot more time on my hands, I’d learn video. It seems like a blast. But I’m struggling enough already to keep up with the relatively static brand of design I get paid to do; a self-initiated foray into the world of motion seems expensive and time-consuming.

Still, I had fun messing about in a completely primitive way with video last month. I was invited by Jennifer Daniel, Erin Sparling and Amit Gupta to create a short bumper message for their new site, Command-Shift-3 — which is billed as being “like Hot or Not, but instead of clicking on hot babes, you click on hot Web sites.” It’s a cute idea, and in the early days, at least, was a leader in the head-to-head competitions.

Short Cut

Luckily Jennifer, Erin and Amit were soliciting very short, simple movies, shot exclusively on webcams, which set the right casual tone for me. I came up with this one-take idea and knocked it out in about thirty minutes. (You can also watch several additional contributions from other Web-famous persons over at Like the title cards I did in November for Blue Eyes Magazine, I quite enjoy these simple, short assignments; there’s something thrilling and low-stress at once about coming up with creative ways to do a lot with not very much and within a short amount of time. Certainly, it’s a pleasant diversion from the meetings, planning and paperwork of commercial design work. Enjoy.

  1. I’ve always believed that video is one of the more challenging mediums, because it combines so many of the other ones; photography, writing, music, then adds motion. Each of these aspects is an art in itself. For example, a still photographer has the complexity of considering composition, focus, depth-of-field, etc. Adding motion, whether it’s from the subject or the camera, is another mind-blowing dimension.

    I’d say the only medium that’s more challenging is games, because you combine all that, and add interactivity.

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