A Distraction in Six Parts

I’m offering a different kind of blog post today. Mostly out of necessity. What I had originally planned to publish this evening just didn’t work out. Click through to the jump, and you’ll see.

  1. I like that you’re just “doing some design”. Have you considered illustrating or designing unique articles/posts on Subtraction just as you do on A Brief Message?

  2. Hm, we already had podcasts and video blogs, now there’s doodlelogs as well… It *does* fit your grid nicely.

    Things like this should be easier to do in HTML, dammit. The layout is not that difficult, but all the overlapping pictures and lines would require lots of shifting elements around.

    Care to give it a try? =]

  3. You should put up more stuff like this on your blog Khoi.

    At the heart of it all it just seems more ‘you’ !

  4. I like how the illustrations break the site’s grid. This also reminds me of some of the articles i’ve come across in the sunday ny times with illustrations and such overcoming the newspaper’s grid. good stuff man!

  5. Hi Khoi,

    First time visitor. I found your site in a web design book, so I thought I’d stop by for a look. Your site beautiful. I love simplicity of it….just beautiful!

    Ok, so now I’ll hang out and peek around.

  6. I think you can see from the remarks made here that posts such as ‘A Distraction in Six Parts’ are quite agreeable to many people.

    Not only do they help break up the monotony that can often form from countless long and verbose articles, but they also break your day down nicely into a series of short and snappy sections. These are easy to read and interpret – especially with diagrams and doodles.

    I have similar days to yours on an ever more frequent basis: where I want to write something but my mind prefers to concentrate on more creative endeavours.

    Usually I end up banging my head against a brick wall, becoming increasingly frustrated and depressed at losing my ability to write on demand.

    Seems you have the more sensible approach!

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