Hot off the Silkscreen Presses

The Shirt ProjectA plug for a nice project from some friends: The Shirt Project is a collaboration between Louise Ma (who works in the design group at and Rich Watts. It’s a not-for-profit experiment funded by a fellowship that the two recent graduates received from the Cooper Union School of Art.

The idea is to design, print and sell a series of tee-shirts featuring topical, news-driven graphics. Though customers can buy the garments on à la carte, The Shirt Project is most interesting as a subscription. For US$75, customers get five shirts, sent one at a time, every four weeks — or roughly on that schedule. There will be ten in total.

Timely Tees

Each tee takes as the subject matter for its design a recent news event. So far, the two have tackled the steam pipe explosion in New York’s Midtown area, civil unrest in Myanmar, and a correlation between sunspots and the declining value of the dollar. All of them are beautiful, clever information graphics printed smartly on American Apparel cotton, available in men᾿s and women’s sizes.

Midtown Steam Explosion
Trouble in Myanmar
Sunspots and the Value of the Dollar
  1. Ahh, a very unique concept indeed. A nice voltron formation of rss feeds and tshirt designs.

    I wonder if NYTimes is planning on getting their hands on this idea to further their brand to the younger community. Hmmm…

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