Please Don’t Hold Our Job Board Against Us

Are you a designer in need of a job? Well, we need designers at the design group, almost as bad as we need a new interface for our job board. Sometimes the board works, and sometimes it doesn’t, so when I post this link to a description for a position I need to fill soon, you’ll have to forgive me if happens to not be functioning properly when you click on it. Enterprise software is like that.

Okay, to be honest the board is terrible. But that shouldn’t reflect poorly on the job opportunity — the opportunity is a really great one. We’ve got a really, really terrific team and we’re doing fascinating, challenging and very rewarding work. And we also happen to be working at the greatest news company on the planet. In my opinion.

I could actually run the full description of the job here, but I’ve learned in the past that people tend to submit their résumés regardless of their suitability to whatever bullet points I point them to. Usually, they just respond to the title, which in this case is “Web Designer.” Still, I’ll supplement it here with this advice: if you’re a fantastic Web designer, then we want you. And you really have to be fantastic. I’m serious. Also, you have to be clever enough to be able to figure out how our crazy job board works.