NYT: Rivals’ Visions Differ on Unleashing Innovation


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The latest installment in the Times’ “If Elected” series, examining how the two presidential candidates would handle the issues. This one is a truly excellent look at how choosing a President directly impacts the American technological landscape — meaning, for me and many readers, our jobs.

“For decades, the United States dominated the technological revolution sweeping the globe… Today, the dominance is eroding. In 2002, the nation’s high-technology balance of trade went south, and it never came back… There is wide agreement among economists and other experts that the capacity to innovate is central to growth, quality of life and success in the global marketplace — a point on which the candidates agree.

“‘If we don’t have an innovation agenda, if we don’t invest in science research, if we don’t provide encouragement for our kids to pursue careers in math and science, I don’t see where our country can go economically in the future,’ said John Edward Porter, a Republican former congressman who is the board chairman of Research!America, an advocacy group.”