Horsemen Antiques

Horsemen Antiques

Deep inside an antiques shop on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. There wasn’t an angle or a view in this place that wouldn’t make for an interesting picture.



  1. I know that shop well…. or did before I left Brooklyn in 2002.

    Looking at the stuffed, striped chair and the stained glass windows it is hard to believe they’ve sold anything in the last six years. Then again I remember thinking that their prices were on the level of “We really want to keep all this stuff in our private collection.”

  2. Of course, the current economy may force them to cut, but I doubt it. They seemed impervious to time and money which is why they are a fascinating store.

  3. Horsemen Antiques was one of the first shops we visited on our inaugural stroll down Atlantic Ave. upon moving to the neighborhood. I like to think if my grandmother had an attic four stories tall, it would look a lot like this place. Really incredible.

  4. Jeff: I lived almost directly across the street for like a year before moving here to Clinton Hill. The whole time, I never went into this shop, not once. you’re right, it is incredible.

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