Standing in Line to Vote

Standing in Line to Vote

Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened to me while standing in line to vote in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn this morning. Which is to say, nearly everyone I know waited an hour or more for their turn to cast a ballot (a duration at least five or six times longer than it’s ever taken me to vote in the state of New York in a decade-plus of living here) and so did I.

Happily, the whole process was very orderly and actually quite pleasant. Our local City Council Member, Letitia James, even brought around cookies for the voters as we waited (she was not up for re-election today), and there was a kind of excitement radiating from the whole place. It felt uncommonly satisfying to pull that lever.

  1. I don’t know. I thought that bread pudding hand-delivered on trays, and that follow-up tray of ice coffee, and those walnut chocolate chip cookies … and that pound cake … that all was a little bit out of the ordinary while standing in line to vote.

  2. Yes, the frame is cool!!!! I must add though that I think Letitia James needs to worry about handling her district’s problems instead of just showing her face at every opportunity, handing out cookies. I wish we had a real Obama type activist working for the district, instead of one who just shouts at her colleagues and makes enemies with the other city officials. Tish needs to focus on her people’s real problems, they don’t need cookies, or need to see her face at every single rally or public event. We just need crime reduction, affordable housing, and a clean environment.

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