The Right Spot

The Right Spot

Mister President sleeping in the living room. Sort of like achieving the optimal sleeping temperature by keeping one leg under the covers and the other leg on top of the covers.



  1. hehehe
    reminds me of my cat. he sleeps like a person under the covers, keeping his head out of them and the rest of his body fully stretched underneath them. sorry no pics to prove it.

  2. I do a similar thing — I manage to wake up every morning in the optimal spot for getting my face dripped on by the leaky skylight and for a beam of sunlight to blind me the moment I open my eyes to snooze my alarm clock.

  3. Love your shot. Perfect capture of a moment of absolute comfort. When you think about it…. temperature/sun/rain/wind … its such an essential comfort thing. Originally from Northern Europe (Germany) – well actually almost everything in Europe is northern – I was desperately searching for any sunlight available. Now I am based in Northern Australia since 14 years (Wet Tropics/hot and steamy/~300 degrees of sunshine, the rest about as much rain as you can imagine in your wildest dreams). I had 2 dogs there unfortunately passed away. And guess what they were the perfect trackers for that perfect spot. A fluffy Golden Retreaver that was always hot, no matter what time of the year. He was an absolute legend to find the right spot with maximum breeze and miniimum temperature….
    A wonderful mongrel dingo lookalike who actually was so adapted to the region that he actually handled lying in the sun during 35 – 40 degree (Celcius) temperatures.
    We now have about 14 Wallabies (small Kangaroo type adorable creatures) semi permanently living around our house. A few of them treasuring the shade they get from the scorching sun when dozing under the house.

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