Window Stars

Window Stars

Snapped in the Uniqlo store in SoHo before the sales clerk urgently told me photography is verboten in their stores. “The only reason we let you in here is so you can give us your money.” Kidding. He didn’t say that. In so many words.

Stars designed by Andy Macgregor.

  1. Thanks for the post. I’ll make my monthly visit to Uniqlo this week. BTW, did you catch that yellow robot rolling around the store?

  2. From the looks of it, the bot had some sort of connectivity when greeted politely. When I forced it to take a picture with me, it was displaying some other symbol (concentric circles). Perhaps arming itself?

    In any case, I wonder if the bot is a result of getting rid of employees that greet customers at the door with a more non-intrusive approach.

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