MacRumors: Apple Exploring Three-Dimensional Desktop and Application Interfaces


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“Dozens of Apple patent applications were published today revealing research that Apple had done in 2007 on many topics encompassing future versions of Mac OS X. The most intriguing is a series of patent applications which describe a ‘multidimensional’ user interface. Apple has essentially been working on true 3D desktop environments.”



  1. You can use a true 3D desktop today if you have Windows — go to The prototype video has been huge hit on YouTube, and led to an invitation for Anand Agarawala to speak at TED. We’ve done our best to listen to our users and make a piece of software that actually helps productivity and is not just a toy.

  2. tres intresantes! This is quite possibly more than just eye candy.
    I rarely see people actually using the desktop metaphor for productivity. Its current implementation in todays OS’s has somewhat failed.
    This has the potential to lift the desktop to something useful. Even though I doubt I’ll live to see the day a GUI tool is more efficient than the xterm (crosses fingers)

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