Photographs of the Abandoned Sets for “The Wire”


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A muted, haunting reminder that the best show ever aired on television is now behind us.

As it happened, last night I started watching the show’s predecessor, “The Corner.” It’s no surprise that it’s just as well-written and vivid as “The Wire,” or that I’ve developed a significant attachment to the characters in just three episodes. But it’s somewhat shocking to me that it’s even more gritty and uncompromising. Recommended viewing.

  1. You should read “The Corner”, too. Incredible book. I just moved to Baltimore and found it fascinating, especially after having lived in Seattle for ten years, where the violent crime rate is relatively low.

  2. Yeah, both “The Corner” and “Homicide,” which was also made into some great TV, started as reall powerful books.

  3. I sent a copy of seasons Iⅈ to my law school professor with a note that said “If in 100 years there is no longer a criminal justice system, this show will be consider a documentary, not fiction, as to how it collapsed”

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