Mark Hurst: How the Kindle Changes the Reading Experience


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Canny observation about how a given medium can alter or even transform the experience of content. I similarly caution designers who assume that one day digital media will provide the same presentation fidelity as the printed page; even if we could create truly digital replica of say a newspaper, the experience would be substantially different from a printed newspaper.

  1. Hi Khoi,
    This should act as a cautionary tale for the book’s editor, I think!
    I don’t have a Kindle but I’ve been been using Stanza on my recently acquired iPod Touch and am enjoying the experience so far. I think I like the fact that it doesn’t try to be a real book.
    I recently read this (“physicalising ebooks” on “Very swish, although fake bookshelves and “real” pages feel like computer interfaces modelled a bit too closely around real world desks — kind of fun but a bit annoying after a while and no practical use.”)

  2. This is something that I think will really come into play over the next couple of years. How designers, writers etc present their work will no doubt effect the content of the work.

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