Eli, No!


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A thoroughly charming children’s book, written and illustrated by the talented husband-and-wife design boutique EightHourDay out of Minneapolis. The winningly simple narrative recounts the misbehavior of a family dog; I can completely relate. Sadly, the book has not yet been published, but EightHourDay have made the entire contents — cover to cover — available on Flickr.

  1. Is it just me, or is this far more color than Subtraction has ever seen?
    Also, aren’t you only supposed to put spaces between em dashes in Canada? I’m inclined to trust Khoi on this one.

  2. James: Haha, great call. You’re right, em dashes should not have a space before and after them. That’s a slight style cheat that I use in order to prevent an em dash tying together two long words, thereby creating really bad line breaks. Typography on the Web stinks.

  3. Ahh, interesting trick.
    Typography using movable type stunk too, then 400 years go by and it gets pretty good.
    Here’s to hoping the advancements in the digital age go a little quicker!

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