Dan Benjamin: Why Your Avatar Matters


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What’s this?

“One way you can stand out, especially on sites like Twitter, is to have a great avatar. A great avatar will help people remember you instantly. And you should use it everywhere, across the board. Use it on your blog if you have one (you should). Use it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, everywhere. Even if people don’t automatically remember your name or your website, they’ll remember your avatar and make an association. When they see it again later, on another network or site, they’ll be more likely to pay attention, to friend you, and maybe remove a few of those degrees of separation.”

I’m sure he’s very right. But, jeez, must we all become salesmen for our own idle musings? (Please follow me on Twitter.)

  1. It’s all determined by whether you see them as idle musings, or as part of a popularity contest, or “selling yourself,” or worst of all, “building your personal brand”.

  2. I gave a keynote at a conference last night, and I was able to recognize a fair number of people in the audience from their Twitter avatars.

    When they walked up to me to say hi, I knew who they were.

    It was great. Thanks for your help getting this message out there.

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