Steve Heller: Take My Business Card…Please!


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Hilariously over-the-top and aggressive advice on how not to wimp out on designing a business card.

“Life is not about being liked. It’s about being effective… My card is die-cut. My card is foil-stamped. My card is embossed. My card — instead of telling you that I’m a CEO, because who cares about my title? — tells you about the result I generate. I build crowds! Guaranteed. What do you do ‘guaranteed’?”



  1. That definitely made me sit up in my chair! I think he definitely had a good point though – business cards are so fundamental to creating an image for your company. It makes sense that it won’t be possible to make your company stand out with a mediocre business card. I’d be a little more cautious than Heller is, with making a card that is too big as I’d be afraid that people would discard it because they found it hard to store.
    On the subject, when it comes to quality in business cards, I’ve been very impressed with the standard that Digital Lizard keeps to.

  2. Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh, my God. It even has a watermark.

  3. Holy crap. That Joel Bauer guy is funny!
    And the depth of his site is demented.
    What’s even more hilarious – frightening, actually – is that following links radiating out from his site, it’s difficult to tell where the comedians drop off and the losers take over.

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