Subway Systems of the World, Presented at the Same Scale


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Enlightening visualization of how much ground various underground transportation systems cover relative to one another. They’re presented in an appropriately spare manner, too, though it would be nice to be able to overlay them, one on top of the other.

  1. How is Tokyo that small? I remember after I came back from Tokyo to New York, it felt like the same scale difference as coming back to from New York to Madison.

  2. Agree, I’d rather see them overlaid (with a switch to turn each on and off). Also like to see stations. Always interested in that as a measure of system scale when travelling, as some that I ride come in a ways from the airport, so have long runs, but no stations on the way.

  3. London definitely covers more ground than that, I know one line going north stretches far further than the other lines and that they show on that map.


  4. Sizes aren’t right because apples are being compared to oranges… At least for Paris vs San Francisco I see he is comparing Paris’ metropolitan transport system (RATP) to San Francisco’s regional transport system (BART). It would be better to compare metropolitan to metropolitan and regional to regional systems (so for Paris/SF: Metros are RATP/MUNI and regionals are RER/BART)

  5. They look like broken capillaries.
    I was thinking about how similar all the train stations I’ve seen around the world are to each other last night while watching the classic Subway episode on Seinfeld. I live in Melbourne, Australia (we have one of the best PT systems apparently..) and the layout of our station is similar to all the others haha I mean the ‘atmosphere’ is the same everywhere. Hong Kong is my favourite though!
    Oh by the way we do have trains ‘on top’ of each other sort of…there are two platforms one on top of the other…one on LG (lower ground) level then the other underneath the LG level..

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