Microsoft Silverlight vs Google Wave: Why Karma Matters


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A developer at Zoho ponders why Microsoft’s products are so poorly received, while even Google’s concepts and pre-announcements are so enthusiastically received. “Microsoft just has so much bad karma in this industry that I cannot imagine a company like us trusting them on much of anything. Take Silverlight: Microsoft pledged that they will always support Silverlight on Mac and Linux, and on browsers other than IE. Do you really, really believe their promise?”

  1. I was really bugged when I found I had to download a Microsoft plugin (Silverlight) to be able to watch movies online through Netflix. I haven’t had any problems with it, but based on all the problems I’ve had in the past from Microsoft, I don’t know if I’ll always get the performance I need from this plugin, and I worry it will mess up other stuff on my Mac.

  2. Yes – your right Microsoft Karma….. they are getting what they deserve! My PC is infected will nasty nasty malware, so guess what? I’m installing Linux today!

    For many reasons…I personally feel Windows OS is thee most defective product in history!!!!

  3. Interesting insight, I look forward to using google wave as it seems like a very powerful collaboration tool.

    Silverlight can suck it as far as I’m concerned, just seems like MS trying to reinvent Flash’s wheel.

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