Creative Review: The Making of The Rakes’ “Klang”


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Work Associates created these beautiful covers for recent releases from British pop band “The Rakes.”

Covers for “1989” and “Reason” from The Rakes

The studio “based their imagery partly on Bauhaus principles and on colour theorist Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack’s 1920s experiments with various apparatus that could generate moving projections of coloured light. His processes were later explained in his booklet, Farben Licht-Spiele.”

  1. At first glance it looks like 3D glasses are required. Simple yet deep/rich. It’s almost puzzle like in that it makes me want to figure it out or stop it from moving. Very nice!

  2. Khoi, do you know which principles of Bauhaus they based on? I just start to learn one or two thing about Bauhaus, and this post just make me think that I need to dig it deeper.

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