Boulevard Voltaire

Boulevard Voltaire

For the next week or so, I’m in Paris again, visiting my father along with my nephew Justin, shown here on Boulevard Voltaire in the 3rd Arrondissement. Sadly, Laura is at home, edging ever closer to our due date. It’s so great spending time with my nephew, but it’s tough being away from the expecting mama, too. I guess it would be uncouth to complain too much.



  1. Forget about the ‘calissons’. Has nothing to do with Paris and you’ll have to travel down to Aix en Provence to get the real ones anyway.

    Bld Voltaire? Great. Go to Le Charbon in Oberkampf, you will probably end up late in the night hanging around with some good mates, talking about NYC, Brooklyn, Paris mysterious places and grid design.

    Awesome blog by the way.

  2. Hey it’s great to know you’re visiting paris. It’s a little far from the center but I recommand you the PУres Populaires (near Nation), it’s a nice place to meet graphic designers, architects, landmark designers etc.

    If you don’t want to mobilize an angry parisian mob be aware that Boulevard Voltaire is in the 11th district and is one proud of it (;

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