Magazine by Ill Studio

Just a very quick post: I can’t stop looking at these shots of Ill Studio’s design and art direction for Magazine Issue 47. The muted yet sumptuous tone of the photography, the generous yet judicious use of white space, and the exquisite yet unfussy typography is really something to aspire to. Amazing.

Magazine No. 47

More shots from inside the issue… I’d sure like to get a copy of this.

  1. Excuse my ignorance but can anyone tell me what typeface that is used for the headings, or is it a custom one ? it looks amazing on the magazine, really beautifully put together this.

  2. This is an enormous plagiarism of Harper’s Magazine.

    Pick up a copy at Barnes & Noble and compare the third photograph. A dead ringer.

  3. This has got that bad 70’s kodacolor kinda look all the way around. I guess it goes to prove nothing stays out of style forever. Not even bad technology.

  4. I’ve seen this for the third time now, and I’m convinced that I’ll be haunted by the photos, type, and design for the rest of my life.

    Very well done.

  5. The shear simplicity of the the typography is just, coupe with the texture of the image and the illustration is incredible. The way the page numbers are layout out is very inspiring.

    Thanks for the post.
    Benga creative

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