NYT: Kurt Andersen on Pop Culture in the Age of Obama


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The author, radio host and cultural curator turns in an ambitious essay on the evolution of pop culture and how it made Barack Obama’s presidency possible.

  1. Thanks for the article reference. It was excellent but somewhat, as usual for our present pop culture, rootless. There are other fuller analyses, but one cannot speak of black culture without passing it through jazz and how it, such as through Charlie Parker, influenced art. I can also think of Norman Mailer when he attempted to hook black existence into existentialism with a terribly named but remarkable pamphlet. But it is jazz, the sharp-nest of its high art and style that typified for me, the evolution of art under fine diamond pressure. It’s reflective of how something black, then influences, and leads american/world culture. (Oh! I can to yr site looking for info on blueprint grid design! – interesting op site u have!)

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