Chart of 2009 New York Mets Injuries


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As a Yankees fan, I should say that the fact that I’m posting this is not intended as schadenfreude, because I honestly have nothing against the Metropolitans. I only wanted to point out how devastatingly Sean Engelhardt’s well-executed information graphic paints a portrait of a disastrous season — I mean just look at those long swaths of red and the big names next to them. And that’s without even including visual data for their abysmal won/loss record. Though maybe that omission is for the best.

2009 New York Mets Injuries
  1. Thanks for the kind words!

    I had actually been working on the won/loss record, but hadn’t decided how to show it yet. I’ve added it in on the newest chart (as well as players who appeared as pinch-hitters or defensive subs) that’s up now. Hope those things paint a more complete picture of a season.

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