Get Fresh with Me

AIGA New YorkThe evening of next Wednesday, 16 December, I’ll have the honor of being on stage as a guest for AIGA New York’s twenty-fifth annual Fresh Dialogue event, alongside Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swiss Miss, Allan Chochinov of Core77 and Josh Rubin of Cool Hunting. Our mandate will be to cast an eye on the design world through the lens of each of our respective blogs, and to take a look at how social media is impacting the way design is practiced. The evening will be hosted by the design writer, critic and chair of SVA’s Masters in Design Criticism program, the remarkable Alice Twemlow. It’s going to be a blast.

Find out more about the event and register for your tickets here.

  1. I am really looking forward to seeing you there! amazing talk. I saw Tina Swiss Miss at Parsons and it was great, can imagine the three of you and Alice Twemiow

  2. Mr. Vinh,

    I really enjoyed your remarks at Fresh Dialogue 25 yesterday evening. I first saw you speak at the Core77 Confab last summer. I thought you were a standout on that panel as well.

    Your speaking engagements are blissfully free of the design star attitude making them just that much easier to learn from. Thank you for the inspiration.

    J. Latendresse

  3. Folks: thank you so much for coming to the event last night. I’m really grateful that you enjoyed it and my talk in particular; it’s a brand new talk and so I’m pretty excited about it and really enjoyed delivering it. I plan to flesh it out a bit more and post it here (at least in part) sometime soon.

  4. Great talk. The event title was a bit misleading, but the presentations and panel discussions were very interesting. It really did give insight into 4 different perspectives and approaches. Would love to see your talk posted on your site.

    I’m a bit struggling with one of your points, about how blogs are old and “the network” is the place to be. To me, blogs are about writing and Twitter is about talking, so they complement each other and each form has it’s own place and time. Most people talk more than they write, so if anything, it would be more important to be part of the conversation, I certainly agree in that respect. Would be great to hear more thoughts on this.

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