Alex Cornell Interviews Experimental Jetset


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An engaging and thoughtful question-and-answer session with the renowned Dutch design studio. Cornell asks for their opinion on a blog post I wrote last April called “Dear Designers, You Suck” in which I addressed the state of criticism in design today — and Experimental Jetset’s response is so different from my perspective and so interesting:

“We’re much more interested graphic design as criticism: the idea that a piece of graphic design is a manifestation of a certain way of thinking, a certain way of ordering the world, and that, by functioning in that way, that piece of graphic design is effectively critiquing the dominant way of thinking, the existing way of ordering the world.”

Read the entire interview here. While you’re at it, marvel at the rest of Cornell’s site to get a sense of why I’m so intensely envious of him: a young, talented, prolific designer with the authorial skills and time to publish regularly on his terrific blog. If only.

Update: Embarrassingly, I’ve gotten Alex mixed up with his employer, Scott Hansen. Sloppy mistake, sorry.

  1. The blog that you are linking to is for the designer Scott Hanson. Chris is just an intern working for Scott who posts on occasion.

  2. Not due to this article, but just want to say your design of your site is one of the nicest out there. Great uses of spacing thoughout!

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